Crystal Uses
The uses of crystals are as numerous as they are! In addition to their medicinal properties, they have been found to be effective for everything from weight loss to healing and anxiety.

Choosing the right crystal for your purpose can be so difficult because there are so many crystal varieties. Several useful resources are provided here.

It is wonderful that chakras can be used by everyone. The method works and how you can benefit from it does not require you to be a master healer or teacher.

It just takes a basic understanding of how the different elements work and how their unique energies can enrich your life on many different levels.

The Healing Crystals
The power of crystals has been revered for many thousands of years throughout the world for both their beauty and strength. To protect against harm, as talismans against evil, or to overcome negative energies.

Crystals come in a variety of varieties, and they are used for a number of purposes. Everything you need to know is here for you.

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The meteorite that created moldavite crystal nearly 14 million years ago is known as the “Stone of Transformation” in mythology. Most experts believe that the crash occurred in the Bohemian Plateau of the Czech Republic, today’s Czech Republic. The pieces are spread out in seemingly random directions throughout the entire area, as you can imagine. Six trillion megatons of energy were released during the impact, which passed through Earth’s crust and directly into the planet’s core.

A 25,000-year-old human first used crystals. Neolithic people are referred to in this context as being in eastern Europe. In addition to being used as amulets for attracting fertility and good fortune, the arrowheads were also used to draw fortune. Near the legendary “Venus of Willendorf” (49000 years old) were found a Moldavite amulet and a cutting tool. Among the most controversial theories surrounding Moldavite is that it is the Stone of the Holy Grail. It is not unanimous whether the stone is Emerald.  The holy grail was said to heal people by rejuvenating them completely. As in the past, Moldavite along with Emerald has shown to share those same characteristics.

The warm glow of moldavite crystals is immediately felt when they are first touched. “Moldavite flush” refers to this type of warmth that is so common. The vibrations of the flush send tingly sensations throughout your body. Users report that it can be overwhelming at first and they will periodically remove it from their pocket as they feel “lightheaded”. If you are working with Moldavite for the first time, it’s often recommended to always have a grounding stone nearby. The strength of the stone will fade over time as you become accustomed to it.